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ABOUT OUR In House Pool League

Opentable Sports Grill In House League

OpenTable Sports Grill has in house tournaments that pay cash.

Play a more legit game with less of the luck factor involved.

All scoring is done from a APP on the cell phone. Real simple either you won or you didn't.

Your scores are updated in real time. Lets say you want to know how the other team is doing if your both fighting for 1st place you can see in realtime exactly how they are doing.

Rewarding our players is a key focus in NAPA. NAPA provides a unique cash payout program and pays out cash prizes to its players at the end of every session. Cash prizes are determined by the number of players in the local area and the size of the local division.


NAPA maintains detailed stats on every game played for the lifetime of the player. Every NAPA player has a profile page on the NAPA web site and can view their stats online at anytime. Player stats are updated every 24 hours. Some examples of stats that are stored are overall match record, win percentage, success rate against women, success rate against men, average points per match, break and runs, shutouts, and much more!

For Additional Information Contact Eric Ust at (817) 897-3139